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Dried Mango 250g


Get quality Dried Mango online at Mynuts. Dry mango is healthy for satisfying your sweet tooth. It delivers a rich source of dietary fiber which makes this delicious tropical fruit a satisfying snack that keeps you feeling full and supports the digestive system.

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As delicious as it tastes, it also brings enormous health benefits that make it even more desirable! Not many people are aware of the amazing health benefits of consuming dried mangoes on a regular basis.

Dry Mangoes have tremendous benefits for your general well-being due to an incomparable blend of a number of nutrients and minerals.

Dried Mango Health Benefits:

  • Reduce the Signs of Ageing
  • Fight heart disease
  • Weight loss
  • Cure Acne
  • Help digestion
  • Strengthen bones
  • Good source of selenium
  • Reduce the risk of diabetes
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