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Brazil Nuts 1Kg


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Brazil nuts are actually edible seeds from the Brazil nut tree, and they can be eaten raw or blanched. The nuts grow inside a round, coconut-like shell, in orange-like segments that, when split open, reveal about 12-20 Brazil nuts.

Health Benefits Of Brazil Nuts

The main benefits of Brazil Nuts are bountiful. Brazil nuts have about 2,500 times as much selenium as any other nuts. Selenium is a powerful antioxidant which has been proven to protect against heart disease and cancers like prostate cancer.

Brazil nuts’ high selenium content also discourages the ageing process and stimulates the immune system. Like all nuts, Brazil nuts are an excellent source of protein and fiber.

Brazil nuts are high in minerals including zinc and magnesium, and contain useful amounts of phosphorous, copper and iron.

What are the 5 main health benefits of Brazil nuts?

1. Good for the brain
2. May support healthy cholesterol levels
3. Good for thyroid health
4. Strong anti-inflammatory properties
5. May support mood balance

Nutritional value Of Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts are very rich in the mineral selenium, owing to the soil in the sun-drenched Amazon area where they grow. A handful of Brazil nuts contain at least 480% of the GDA of selenium. Selenium is an important antioxidant, as is vitamin E in nuts. Brazil nuts also contain a high level of phosphorus. Phosphorus keeps teeth and bones strong.

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